emergency wallet ID cards

Keep your pets safe in case of an emergency

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Are you ready if an emergency strikes?

We think that emergencies and disasters will never happen to us. However, they happy to people like us every day.

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These Emergency ID cards fit in your wallet, purse, or in your car:

Alert first responders that you have pets at home

Provide contact information for your emergency contacts

Speed up notifying loved ones when you need it most

What is included:

Complete your emergency preparedness kit with two My Pet Is Home Alone wallet cards!

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Hi, I am Morgan Weber

Founder & Pet Care Expert at Lucky Pup Living

Morgan has been a professional pet sitter since 2013 when she started Lucky Pup Adventures. She is on a mission to help pet parents give their pets their best lives.

As an advocate of responsible pet ownership and a past dog foster family, she believes in reducing homeless pets by empowering owners with the tools to help them live a lifetime together with their pets.

She lives with three rescue dogs, but dreams of a day when all pets have a lifetime home! She is especially involved in the rescue and advocacy for her beloved “pibble” breeds.

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get your two emergency wallet cards now!



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